Ah!  It’s almost the end of January – sorry for the delay!  My thoughts on the top 10 trends:

10. Style Over TraditionScrew tradition!  If you’ve got something cool and stylish, I’m probably gonna choose that over something that’s been seen a million times.

9. Humanizing Pets – This one can be really cute or really creepy. Sweaters make sense in the cold NYC weather, but some people just go overboard. Pet tanning beds and spas?! Come on! I do feel like a lot of people in my generation are either choosing not to have kids or are delaying the process, so many of us are starting mini-families with pets instead. Let’s just try and remember that they’re pets, okay?!

8. Faux Rockstar Wait, getting 100% on RockBand doesn’t make me a REAL rockstar?!

7.  Prefabulous Totally rad that these are recycled and small – a cool way to be green and fabulous.

6. 1960s Culture I love the 60s!

5. Brag Materialism Um, barf!  Why is this a trend?  It’s just over-the-top and unnecessary to flaunt wealth.  I’m hoping this one doesn’t become a trend (and I hope that the opposite happens).  I’m totally one of those, “I got this for $5 at Target!” girls.  And while that may be a bit braggy, it’s not quite the same. 🙂

4. Political Remixing For the most part very cool, especially when it gets people involved in politics who wouldn’t otherwise be paying attention.

3. Smallchitecture I like small and definitely appreciate anything that saves space. Thumbs up!

2. Remaking History Better Some revivals are good, some revivals just don’t need to happen, especially if it means that people aren’t being creative. Modern twist = cool, blatant copying = not-cool.

1. Credit Crunch Couture Isn’t this pretty similar to the DIY and the Rise of the Cottage Industry? Good thing I like that one!

Happy 2009!