Big Love

Man, HBO is going all out promoting this season of Big Love!  I’ve been seeing signs in all the bus shelters since the beginning of January and yesterday I noticed that every single ad in the subway tunnel between the 1,2,3 at Times Square and Port Authority is a talking Big Love ad.  The ads have a place you can put in headphones and hear the character’s secret. Kinda insane, right?  They’re doing the sound ads in LA too (and giving disposable headphones!).

Well today they topped it off! A bunch of people were walking around 42nd street handing out fliers with these crazy plastic thought bubbles above their heads (attached to some kind of backpack contraption) telling their secret, which goes along with the campaign’s “Everyone Has Something to Hide” theme. I saw “I enjoy vodka at breakfast.” and “I’m cheating on my wife. With a man.” It KINDA looked like this:


I wish I snagged a pic (I will tomorrow if they’re there). It must be expensive, but seems to be working. Cable Marketing has a great post on this campaign!  And check out what The New York TimesThe New Advertising and Specific Media have to say.